Niki's news page

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You will find here a few pages full of news, mirroring gopher://

They are simply scrapped from their associated webpage and updated a few times a day.

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters!
LWN: Linux Weekly Newsletter
Le Monde: Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde
The Register: Biting the hand that feeds IT
TooLinux: Actualité généraliste sur Linux et les logiciels libres
Ère Numérique.FR: faites le bon choix !
Phoronix: news regarding free and open-source software Info, sport et showbiz, 24/24, 7/7
Reddit: The front page of the internet
DaarDaar: Le meilleur de la presse flamande en français

Competitive fury is not always anger. It is the true missionary's courage
and zeal in facing the possibility that one's best may not be enough.
-- Gene Scott