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You can now download Total War: Three Kingdoms for Ubuntu and play the popular turned based strategy game

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/DrKD35))

With Destiny 2 coming to both Steam and Google Stadia, what are the odds of getting a Linux port?

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/kjfang u/kjfang))

What is the number of wine stable version?

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/denielt))

What exactly AWS game server does?

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/ardawan))

Ubuntu DROPS i386 support, and with it, Steam and hundreds of apps wont work. We need to fix this.

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/SpaceGuy99))

Ubuntu 19.10 To Drop 32-bit x86 Packages. How would that effect games on Linux?

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/beer118))

Sell me on Linux gaming

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/superhpman))

First Game Play in Hexa Trains.

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/mazarax))

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – June 2019 Update Available Now

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/Swiftpaw22))

Can we block those spams?

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-19 (u/Leopard1907))

[German] Steam Play: Tschüss Windows, hallo Linux - ein Gamer zieht um -

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/kuhpunkt))

Your opinions on Clear Linux as a Gaming Distro?

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/KFded))

Testing/Feedback wanted: Someone's working on a "steamos" script for Clear Linux

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/whiprush))

SSD partition read only

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/Mrfrodough))

Porting games with dxvk-native

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/TheMnassri))

Planet X3 is going open source

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/Commodore256))

Path of Exile reported gold and platinum through Steam Play!

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/javelinRL))

PCSX2 Q2 2018 -> Q2 2019 Progress Report

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/KFded))

Octopath Traveler - Steamplay

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/KFded))

Lutris Epic Games

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/finnzone101))

Littlewood released into early access - Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley-like RPG

([linux_gaming] 2019-06-18 (u/Swiftpaw22))


Microwaves frizz your heir.