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KaOS 2019.07 Released For Delivering The Latest KDE Desktop Linux Experience

([KDE] 3 Minutes Ago KaOS 2019.07)

The KaOS Linux distribution remains one of the best options for those wanting to check out a polished and bleeding-edge KDE desktop experience. Out today is KaOS 2019.07 as the newest stable ISO succeeding their earlier 2019.04 build.

Fedora Developers Discuss Raising Base Requirement To AVX2 CPU Support

([Fedora] 2 Hours Ago Fedora AVX2 Requirement)

An early change being talked about for Fedora 32, due out in the spring of next year, is raising the x86_64 CPU requirements for running Fedora Linux. When initially hearing of this plan, the goal is even more ambitious than I was initially thinking: AVX2.

Coreboot 4.10 Released With New Support For Many Chromebooks & Random Motherboards

([Coreboot] 5 Hours Ago Coreboot 4.10)

Coreboot 4.10 was released today with some 2,500+ commits over the past eight months for this increasingly popular open-source alternative to proprietary BIOS implementations.

GFX-RS Portability 0.7 Released With Vulkan Events, Binding Model Improvements

([Programming] 22 July 02:32 PM EDT GFX-RS 0.7)

The GFX-RS high performance graphics API for the Rust programming language and based on Vulkan while mapping to Metal when on Apple systems is out with a new release.

Feral Brings Company of Heroes 2 Commander Update To Linux

([Linux Gaming] 22 July 11:00 AM EDT Company of Heroes 2 Commander Update)

Feral Interactive has just announced they've brought the Commander Update DLC for Company of Heroes 2 over to Linux (and macOS) as well.

7-Way Linux Distribution Benchmarks For July 2019, Including LTO'ed openSUSE Tumbleweed

([Operating Systems] 22 July 09:40 AM EDT 27 Comments)

As it's been a few weeks since last hosting any Linux distribution comparison and now with the rolling-release openSUSE Tumbleweed enabling LTO by default, here are some fresh Linux distribution comparison results plus tossing the newly-released Debian 10.0 into the mix as well. This round of testing included Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 19.04, Fedora Workstation 30, openSUSE Leap 15.1, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Clear Linux 30450, and Debian 10.0.

Should Ubuntu Use The BFQ I/O Scheduler?

([Ubuntu] 22 July 06:43 AM EDT Ubuntu + BFQ)

The BFQ I/O scheduler is working out fairly well these days as shown in our benchmarks. The Budget Fair Queueing scheduler supports both throughput and low-latency modes while working particularly well for consumer-grade hardware. Should the Ubuntu desktop be using BFQ by default?

GTK4 Gets Smoother GPU-Accelerated Scrolling, Modern Cursor Blinking

([GNOME] 22 July 06:25 AM EDT GTK 4.0)

GNOME developers continue to be hard at work on GTK4 and trying to ensure this major tool-kit update will be a great success.

GCC 10 Lands OpenRISC Support For Floating Point Instructions

([GNU] 22 July 06:16 AM EDT GCC 10 OpenRISC)

When it comes to open-source processor ISAs, RISC-V currently captures much of the spotlight but OpenRISC continues chugging along as another open-source CPU architecture. The OpenRISC GCC compiler back-end and other software tooling also continues to move along for this architecture that's been in the works since 2000.

Linux 5.2-ck1 Released Along With MuQSS 0.193 Scheduler

([Linux Kernel] 22 July 12:09 AM EDT Linux 5.2-ck1 + MuQSS)

Independent Linux kernel hacker Con Kolivas has released his newest "ck1" patch-set for the recently released Linux 5.2 kernel code-base. Complementing these kernel changes is his primary focus: the MuQSS scheduler that continues to aim for better interactivity and performance on mobile/desktop systems.

Linux 5.3-rc1 Debuts As "A Pretty Big Release"

([Linux Kernel] 21 July 06:16 PM EDT Linux 5.3)

Just as expected, Linus Torvalds this afternoon issued the first release candidate of the forthcoming Linux 5.3 kernel.

Vulkan 1.1.116 Published With Subgroup Size Control Extension

([Vulkan] 21 July 04:00 PM EDT Vulkan 1.1.116)

Vulkan 1.1.116 was released today as the latest weekly update to this high performance graphics API and comes with one new extension in tow.

The New Features & Improvements Of The Linux 5.3 Kernel

([Software] 21 July 10:49 AM EDT 5 Comments)

The Linux 5.3 kernel merge window is expected to close today so here is our usual recap of all the changes that made it into the mainline tree over the past two weeks. There is a lot of changes to be excited about from Radeon RX 5700 Navi support to various CPU improvements and ongoing performance work to supporting newer Apple MacBook laptops and Intel Speed Select Technology enablement.

KDE Plasma 5.17 Making It Simple To Display A Network's QR Code For Easy Sharing

([KDE] 21 July 06:24 AM EDT KDE Plasma 5.17 Features)

With the KDE Plasma 5.17 release, the desktop will make it easy to see a network's QR code for in turn making it super quick and simple for sharing network information with other users and devices.

Feral's GameMode 1.4 Adds Flatpak Support, Better I/O Optimization Handling

([Linux Gaming] 21 July 06:29 AM EDT GameMode 1.4)

Feral developers released a new version of their GameMode Linux game performance optimization daemon/client this weekend in order to allow this update to land in the upcoming Fedora Workstation 31. GameMode 1.4 offers up many features including new interfaces for allowing better GNOME integration and thus the Fedora interest in seeing this version in their autumn Linux distribution update.

Linux 5.3 Will Surprisingly Support The Newest Keyboard/Trackpads Of Apple MacBooks

([Hardware] 21 July 04:46 AM EDT Linux 5.3)

As a last minute surprise for the Linux 5.3 kernel merge window is support for the keyboard and trackpads on newer Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops.

IO_uring Gets A Huge Performance Fix - Up To 755x Improvement

([Linux Storage] 21 July 01:13 AM EDT IO_uring Performance Fix)

IO_uring is designed to deliver fast and efficient I/O operations thanks to a re-designed interface introduced in Linux 5.1 with various efficiency improvements compared to the kernel's existing asynchronous I/O code. But it turns out there was a big bottleneck within the current IO_uring code up until now.

Lima Gallium3D Gets A Reworked Scheduler

([Mesa] 21 July 12:05 AM EDT GPIR)

Landing this week in Mesa 19.2 for the Lima Gallium3D driver for Arm Mali 400/450 series hardware is a reworked GPIR register scheduler.

DXVK 1.3.1 Brings Logging Improvements, GPU Load Monitoring In The HUD

([Vulkan] 20 July 07:04 PM EDT DXVK 1.3.1)

Just one week after releasing DXVK 1.3, lead developer Philip Rebohle has released DXVK 1.3.1 with a few more features plus a number of bug fixes -- including performance work.

GNOME Shell + Mutter 3.33.4 Released

([GNOME] 20 July 04:47 PM EDT GNOME 3.33.4 Bits)

Florian Müllner released new development versions of GNOME Shell and Mutter today for this week's GNOME 3.33.4 development milestone.

Systemd Introduces A New & Practical Service For Dealing With PStore

([systemd] 20 July 11:29 AM EDT Systemd Pstore)

Adding to the list of new features for systemd 243 is another last-minute addition to this growing init system... Systemd picked up a new service and while some may view it as bloat, should be quite practical at least for those encountering kernel crashes from time to time.


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