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Red Hat Is Making It Easy To Run Bleeding-Edge LLVM/Clang On Fedora

([Fedora] 8 Minutes Ago LLVM Daily On Fedora)

Red Hat's Platform Tools team is making it very easy to run the very bleeding edge, development version of the LLVM toolchain and Clang compiler on the current versions of Fedora.

KDE Plasma Mobile 21.07 Released With More Responsive Shell, Fixes

([KDE] 3 Minutes Ago Plasma Mobile 21.07)

The folks working on KDE's mobile efforts have released Plasma Mobile 21.07 as the newest feature release.

Intel Starts Bringing Up Thunder Bay Full + Prime SoC Support For Linux

([Intel] 1 Minute Ago Intel Thunder Bay)

More details are coming to light on "Thunder Bay" as a forthcoming Intel SoC now that the open-source Linux driver enablement patches have begun.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS "Jammy Jellyfish" Begins Development

([Ubuntu] 2 Hours Ago Ubuntu 22.04)

Canonical today formally opened the "Jammy" archive for development for what will be the next version of Ubuntu, 22.04 LTS "Jammy Jellyfish".

Apple Announces The M1 Pro / M1 Max, Asahi Linux Starts Eyeing Their Bring-Up

([Apple] 4 Hours Ago M1 Pro + M1 Max)

Apple today announced the M1 Pro and M1 Max as their most powerful SoCs ever built by the company. The new chips feature up to a 10-core processor, 32-core GPU, and up to 64GB of unified memory.

Valve Launches "Steam Deck Verified" Program For Games That Run Well On The Steam Deck

([Valve] 4 Hours Ago Steam Deck Verified)

Valve is introducing a Steam Deck Verified system for helping gamers find out what games have been verified to work well on their forthcoming AMD+Linux-powered handheld game console.

VKD3D-Proton 2.5 Released With Experimental DXR 1.1, More Games Working

([Valve] 6 Hours Ago VKD3D-Proton 2.5)

VKD3D-Proton as Valve's Direct3D 12 over Vulkan implementation for Steam Play's Proton is out with a big feature update.

Ubuntu 21.10 Radeon Gaming With KDE Plasma vs. GNOME Shell + Wayland vs. X.Org

([Linux Gaming] 10 Hours Ago 29 Comments)

With last week's release of Ubuntu 21.10, here are some fresh benchmarks looking at the Linux gaming performance on this new release while testing both the GNOME Shell 40 default desktop to that of its KDE Plasma 5.22 based option. Both the X.Org and Wayland sessions for KDE and GNOME were benchmarked for seeing how the Linux gaming performance compares with the Radeon open-source GPU driver stack.

Habana Labs For Linux 5.16 To Bring Peer-To-Peer Support With DMA-BUF

([Intel] 11 Hours Ago Habana Labs Driver DMA-BUF)

The drama around DMA-BUF code for the Habana Labs AI driver appears to be wrapping up with the Linux 5.16 cycle that is coming up.

Mesa 22.0 Lands Some Patches Toward OpenCL Image Support

([Mesa] 13 Hours Ago OpenCL Image)

Mesa 22.0-devel is one step closer to having OpenCL image support that is sought after by many individuals for allowing more OpenCL-enabled desktop software to work nicely with this open-source OpenCL component in Mesa.

Linux 5.15-rc6 Ticks Up In Size, Stops Using AMD SME By Default

([Linux Kernel] 13 Hours Ago Linux 5.15-rc6)

Linus Torvalds is out with Linux 5.15-rc6 and its increase in size has him slightly worried.

Linux To No Longer Enable AMD SME Usage By Default Due To Problems With Some Hardware

([AMD] 17 October 07:00 AM EDT Secure Memory Encryption)

Being sent in as a fix for the Linux 5.15 kernel this morning and to be back-ported to existing stable series is a behavior change that the Linux kernel will no longer use AMD Secure Memory Encryption (SME) by default on supported hardware but rather making it now opt-in due to shortcomings of some platforms.

Vortex86 Processors Finally Seeing Work In 2021 For Proper Handling Under Linux

([Operating Systems] 17 October 06:13 AM EDT Vortex86)

The Vortex86 32-bit SoCs have worked under Linux for those distributions still maintaining 32-bit x86 support and where not hitting corner-cases of some i686 level features not being supported by some Vortex86 cores, but there is finally a pending kernel patch to provide proper CPU detection for Vortex86 hardware.

Axboe Achieves 8M IOPS Per-Core With Newest Linux Optimization Patches

([Linux Storage] 17 October 12:00 AM EDT 8M IOPS Per-Core)

It was just last week that Linux optimizations were leading to possible 6M IOPS per core and then at the start of this week new patches pushed Linux past 7M IOPS per-core with an ideal hardware configuration as well. In ending out the week, 8M IOPS has been reached!

Rust-Based Cloud-Hypervisor 19.0 Released With Improved Live Migration, Faster Boot Time

([Virtualization] 16 October 01:33 PM EDT Cloud-Hypervisor 19.0)

Cloud-Hypervisor 19.0 debuted this week as the Intel-led open-source VMM focused on supporting modern cloud workloads and written in the Rust programming language while leveraging the Linux's KVM virtualization code or the Microsoft MSHV hypervisor on Windows.

Bareflank Hypervisor 3.0 Pre-Release Debuts With Many Changes

([Virtualization] 16 October 04:46 AM EDT Bareflank 3.0)

The open-source Bareflank Hypervisor project designed to prototype new hypervisors across Intel, AMD, and AArch64 platforms issued their long-awaited 3.0 pre-release on Friday.

Realtek 802.11ax WiFi Driver "rtw89" Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.16

([Linux Networking] 16 October 05:40 AM EDT Realtek rtw89)

Arriving in the wireless-drivers-next branch this week is the "rtw89" driver as a Realtek-contributed open-source 802.11ax WiFi driver.

KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Continues Seeing More Crash Fixes

([KDE] 16 October 05:27 AM EDT Plasma 5.23.1)

This week marked the release of Plasma 5.23 in celebrating 25 years of the KDE desktop project while celebrations didn't last long with developers already hard at work on the Plasma 5.23.1 point release, feature work for Plasma 5.24, and also improvements to the KDE Applications and KDE Frameworks.

Genode-Based Sculpt OS 21.10 Adds Intel GPU Acceleration, USB Web Camera Support

([Operating Systems] 16 October 03:30 AM EDT Sculpt OS 21.10)

On Thursday in addition to the releases of Ubuntu 21.10 (plus its derivatives) and OpenBSD 7.0, the Genode OS Framework based Sculpt OS saw its 21.10 release.

OpenCL 3.0.9 Specification Released

([Standards] 15 October 07:32 PM EDT OpenCL 3.0.9)

The Khronos Group's OpenCL working group did a quiet Friday evening tagging of OpenCL 3.0.9.

PinePhone Pro Announced As New Linux Smartphone

([Hardware] 15 October 10:00 AM EDT PinePhone Pro)

The PinePhone Pro is being announced this morning as the organization's new smartphone building upon the successes and experience of the original PinePhone Linux smartphone.


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