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KDE Developers Tackle The Five Most Common Plasma Crashes

([KDE] 2 Minutes Ago KDE Changes)

KDE developer Nate Graham is out with a summer time update that highlights the interesting improvements made to the KDE desktop and related apps over the past two weeks.

AWS Graviton4 96-Core Performance vs. AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon CPUs

([Processors] 1 Minute Ago)

Last week I published some initial benchmarks of the Amazon/AWS Graviton4 processors now available within the EC2 cloud using the new "R8g" instances. That initial comparison was a 64 vCPU comparison of Graviton4 against AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon 64 vCPU AWS instances. In today's article is a look at the 96-core Graviton4 bare metal performance using the "r8g.metal-24xl" AWS instance type. The Graviton4 r8g.metal-24xl performance was then compared in today's article against various bare metal AMD EPYC, Ampere Altra Max, and Intel Xeon processors in the lab at Phoronix.

AMD Ryzen 9000 Series Launch Delayed To August

([AMD] 93 Minutes Ago Ryzen 9000 Series)

While we have been super eager for the AMD Ryzen 9000 series "Zen 5" desktop processor launch that's been set for 31 July, AMD has issued a last minute delay. Instead the processors will launch in two stages in August.

New AMD Linux Driver Patches Enable I3C HCI Support

([AMD] 4 Hours Ago AMD I3C HCI)

One of the newest patch series out from AMD this week is on providing I3C HCI driver support for their MIPI I3C IP block found within their latest processors.

Linux 6.11 Lands Support For getrandom() In The vDSO

([Linux Kernel] 4 Hours Ago getrandom() vDSO)

Going back two years has been the effort for adding getrandom() to the vDSO in order to enhance the performance. This work has yielded as much as 15x the performance in showing very fast while being secure user-space RNG needs. A few weeks back Linus Torvalds was unconvinced by adding getrandom() to the vDSO, but after going back through the patches he gave it another go. Today the work has managed to be mainlined for Linux 6.11.

Rust Linux Kernel Code Prepares For CPU Mitigations Handling

([Programming] 4 Hours Ago Rust CPU Mitigations)

The latest Rust for the Linux kernel work led by Miguel Ojeda is on preparing the Rust kernel code for various CPU security mitigations.

Intel Graphics Compiler 1.0.17193.4 Released With Initial Battlemage Support

([Intel] 8 Hours Ago IGC 1.0.17193.4)

Intel today released IGC 1.0.17193.4 as the newest version of the Intel Graphics Compiler that is used for their compute stack on Windows/Linux as well as by their Windows graphics driver for shader compilation.

AMD Reveals More Zen 5 CPU Core Details

([Processors] 9 Hours Ago 35 Comments)

As a follow-up to last week's AMD Zen 5 overview with the Ryzen 9000 series and Ryzen AI 300 series, today the embargo has lifted on some additional Zen 5 CPU core details.

F2FS, exFAT & Btrfs File-System Changes In Linux 6.11

([Linux Storage] 9 Hours Ago Linux 6.11 File-Systems)

While not as notable as the nice EXT4 performance optimization making it into Linux 6.11 or features like XFS real-time FITRIM and self-healing Bcachefs on read I/O errors, the Bcachefs, F2FS, and Btrfs file-systems saw smaller updates for the Linux 6.11 kernel cycle.

Mesa 24.3 Radeon VCN Adds HDR Metadata Support For AV1 Encoder

([Radeon] 11 Hours Ago RadeonSI VCN)

The latest video acceleration improvements to report on with the open-source AMD Radeon driver front is support in Mesa 24.3-devel for passing HDR metadata in the AV1 encoder.

Linux 6.11 Upstream Now Defaults To A Better SATA Link Power Management Policy

([Hardware] 11 Hours Ago SATA Link Power Management)

It's not too often that the ATA pull request for a new Linux kernel merge window has much worth mentioning. With Linux 6.11 there is a change to the kernel defaults worth noting over the default SATA link power management policy. In this case most Linux distributions have been setting a better default themselves and is now a case of the upstream kernel defaults catching up.

Intel OSPRay 3.2 Further Advances This Open-Source Ray-Tracing Engine

([Intel] 12 Hours Ago OSPRay 3.2)

Intel's OSPRay ray-tracing engine as part of their oneAPI rendering toolkit continues to serve as a great, scalable and portable RT engine for high fidelity visualizations. With OSPRay 3.2 released today, they continue advancing this open-source engine further.

Upstream Linux 6.11 Makes It Easy To Build A Pacman Kernel Package For Arch Linux

([Arch Linux] 23 July 08:19 PM EDT Arch Linux Kernel Build)

The upstream Linux 6.11 kernel is making it easier to build a Pacman package of the kernel for use on Arch Linux and other Arch derived distributions relying on Pacman.

Intel's Mesa Driver Upstreaming For Xe2 Support Appears Mostly Done

([Intel] 23 July 04:09 PM EDT Intel Xe2 OpenGL + Vulkan)

Ahead of launch for new discrete/integrated graphics backed by open-source Linux drivers, it can often be difficult to ascertain the level of support pre-launch given the complexity of today's GPUs, we are past the days of long monolithic patch series for new hardware enablement, and also not knowing about what features may be added for the next-generation hardware. But if latest Mesa developer comments hold, it looks like for Intel Xe2 graphics the open-source Vulkan driver at least has "most" of the code now in place.

Intel Xe2/Battlemage & AMD RDNA4 Lead The Graphics Driver Changes In Linux 6.11

([Hardware] 23 July 11:33 AM EDT Linux 6.11 Graphics Driver Updates)

DRM subsystem lead maintainer David Airlie recently submitted the DRM-Next pull request for merging into Linux 6.11. All of that Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) feature code has landed for the many kernel graphics/display driver updates along with changes to the few AI accelerator "accel" drivers also part of the tree. As usual, the Intel Xe/i915 and AMD AMDGPU/AMDKFD kernel drivers see a bulk of the upstream open-source graphics improvements.

NVIDIA 560 Linux Driver Beta Released - Defaults To Open GPU Kernel Modules

([NVIDIA] 23 July 09:46 AM EDT NVIDIA 560.28.03 Linux Beta)

NVIDIA today released their first Linux beta driver in the new R560 driver release branch. Coming days after their NVIDIA 560 Windows driver, out this morning is the NVIDIA 560.28.03 beta Linux driver.

Fedora Workstation 42 Cleared To Offer Opt-In Metrics Reporting

([Fedora] 23 July 08:43 AM EDT Fedora 42)

Following up on the previously noted proposal around Fedora Workstation 42 looking at adding opt-in user metrics, the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has now granted approval for this somewhat controversial feature.

LLVM Clang 19 Branched, LLVM 20 Enters Development- No AMD Zen 5 "Znver5" Merged Yet

([LLVM] 23 July 07:07 AM EDT LLVM Clang 19)

As scheduled, LLVM Clang 19 was branched from mainline Git this morning and is now considered feature frozen ahead of its planned September release. LLVM Clang 20 in turn is now in development with the main Git branch.

Linux 6.11 Begins Upstreaming Support For KEBA CP500 System FPGA

([Hardware] 23 July 06:35 AM EDT Linux 6.11 char/misc Updates)

Greg Kroah-Hartman described the char/misc pull request for the Linux 6.11 merge window as having "just loads of new drivers and updates." Among the new drivers is beginning to enable support for the KEBA CP500 as the latest FPGA seeing upstream kernel support.


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