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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS To Enable Frame Pointers By Default For Better Profiling/Debugging

([Ubuntu] 10 Minutes Ago Ubuntu + Frame Pointers)

Canonical has decided for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS that they will now enable frame pointers by default when building packages. There will still selectively be some packages where they decide to disable frame pointers due to the performance overhead, but the focus on this change is to improve the out-of-the-box debugging and profiling support on the Linux distribution.

AMDVLK 2023.Q4.2 Vulkan Driver Brings Ray-Tracing & SPIR-V Improvements

([Radeon] 5 Minutes Ago AMDVLK 2023.Q4.2)

It's been just over one month since AMDVLK 2023.Q4.1 and this morning it's been succeeded by a new AMD open-source Vulkan Linux driver release.

KDE Plasma Mobile 21.07 Released With More Responsive Shell, Fixes

([KDE] 3 Minutes Ago Plasma Mobile 21.07)

The folks working on KDE's mobile efforts have released Plasma Mobile 21.07 as the newest feature release.

GNOME Terminal Working To Migrate To GTK 4, VTE To Overcome 40 FPS Cap

([GNOME] 1 Minute Ago GNOME Terminal)

As part of the effort to make GNOME Terminal and the VTE terminal emulator library render faster, the GNOME Terminal has been seeing more work lately in being ported over to using the GTK 4 toolkit. Additionally, the VTE terminal library has been working to overcome its long-standing 40 FPS rendering cap.

Ikey Doherty's Serpent OS Continues Building Up Its Rust Infrastructure

([Operating Systems] 19 Minutes Ago Serpent OS)

Ikey Doherty who is known for his work starting Solus Linus as well as the Budgie desktop while also formerly working on Intel's Clear Linux and other open-source software contributions has most recently been working on his newest endeavour: Serpent OS. A end-of-year development summary has now been posted that outlines the latest work on this Linux distribution.

QEMU 8.2 Released With New VirtIO-Sound & VirtIO-GPU "Rutabaga" Devices

([Virtualization] 45 Minutes Ago QEMU 8.2)

QEMU 8.2 has been released as the newest update for this open-source processor emulator that plays an important role within the open-source Linux virtualization stack.

Sound Open Firmware 2.8 Released With New Intel & AMD Bits

([Multimedia] 64 Minutes Ago Sound Open Firmware 2.8)

A new version of Sound Open Firmware is now available for this open-source audio DSP firmware and development tools. For what began as an Intel open-source project for open-source sound firmware is now seeing ongoing adoption by AMD, MediaTek, and other vendors. Sound Open Firmware 2.8 has been released ahead of the holidays.

The Linux Kernel Looks To Drop Much Of The Remaining SPARC 32-bit CPU Support

([Hardware] 6 Hours Ago Dropping SPARC32 Targets)

It's just not old wired and wireless networking drivers being removed from the mainline Linux kernel but as part of some winter-time cleaning a set of patches have been posted that would remove much of the remaining SPARC32 support for old 32-bit Sun workstations.

Intel Core Ultra 7 155H Meteor Lake vs. AMD Ryzen 7 7840U On Linux In 300+ CPU Benchmarks

([Processors] 19 December 03:03 PM EST 39 Comments)

Last week Intel launched their Core Ultra "Meteor Lake" notebook processors. Genuinely very curious about the performance potential under Linux along with various features of these new mobile SoCs like the NPU and integrated Arc Graphics, I bought an Intel Core Ultra laptop on launch-day for carrying out Linux benchmarks. In this first review of Intel Meteor Lake on Linux is a look at how the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H performs against the common AMD Ryzen 7 7840U as the Zen 4 laptop competition.

Fedora Asahi Remix 39 Released For Apple Silicon Macs

([Fedora] 19 December 12:32 PM EST Fedora Asahi Remix)

The Asahi Linux crew has released Fedora Asahi Remix as their Fedora 39 derived Linux distribution optimized for Apple Silicon Macs.

PoCL 5.0 Released With Transparent OpenCL Over Networked Systems Capability

([Standards] 19 December 09:25 AM EST PoCL 5.0)

PoCL 5.0 has been officially released as the latest version of this "Portable Computing Language" implementation that provides OpenCL support for CPU-based execution as well as various other LLVM-based hardware back-ends like for NVIDIA PTX and oneAPI Level Zero. With PoCL 5.0 is also a new experimental back-end for targeting OpenCL support distributed across networked systems.

Vulkan 1.3.274 Released With Video Encode Extensions Promoted

([Vulkan] 19 December 07:00 AM EST Vulkan 1.3.274)

As what's likely to be the last Vulkan API spec update before Christmas, Vulkan 1.3.274 was released today with the Vulkan Video encode extensions promoted as well as adding some other new extensions as a nice end-of-year gift.

The Mainline Linux Kernel To Finally Support The Google Tensor GS101 SoC & Pixel 6

([Google] 19 December 06:29 AM EST GS101 SoC Upstream)

The Google Tensor GS101 SoC launched in 2021 with the Google Pixel 6 smartphone. More than two years later the mainline Linux kernel is finally to see upstream support with the forthcoming Linux 6.8 kernel cycle.

Intel IAA Crypto Compression Driver To Be Merged For Linux 6.8

([Intel] 19 December 06:11 AM EST Intel Analytics Accelerator)

Set to be merged for the upcoming Linux 6.8 kernel cycle is the IAA crypto compression driver for allowing users of the Linux kernel's compression API to make use of the Intel Analytics Accelerator (IAA) found with Sapphire Rapids and Emerald Rapids Xeon server processors.

FFmpeg Begins Landing Support For AOMedia's IAMF - Immersive Audio Model and Formats

([Multimedia] 19 December 05:00 AM EST FFmpeg + IAMF)

Yesterday the initial code for supporting the Alliance For Open Media's Immersive Audio Model and Formats (IAMF) was merged for the widely-used FFmpeg multimedia library.

Arcan Display Framework Receives Funding As Innovative Wayland Alternative

([Desktop] 19 December 05:32 AM EST Arcan 0.6.3)

While much of the focus by Linux desktops as we roll into 2024 is polishing off their Wayland support, there does exist a rather innovative display server out there that's been in the works for years: Arcan. Arcan is the open-source project built atop a game engine and provides a display server paired with a real-time multimedia framework for audio and video. Arcan can be used from embedded purposes through full desktop solutions and can also interact with Wayland and X11 as well as embracing VR. Arcan 0.6.3 was released today along with the announcement that they've taken on some funding.

Intel Gaudi2's Linux Driver Support Is "Very Stable At This Point", Gaudi2C Device Added

([Intel] 19 December 05:18 AM EST Gaudi2 In Good Shape)

By now you've likely heard how Intel's Gaudi2 accelerator hardware is standing up very well against the NVIDIA competition especially in value. There's nothing new there but an important part to keep in mind -- and where Intel is the hands-down winner -- is the open-source ecosystem with having a fully open-source and upstream Linux kernel accelerator driver as well as their SynapseAI open-source components in user-space. The Gaudi2 open-source kernel driver support is now considered "very stable at this point" with the upstream state fairing well.

Nintendo Switch Online Controller Support Coming With Linux 6.8

([Linux Gaming] 18 December 03:55 PM EST Nintendo HID Driver)

The Nintendo HID open-source driver is being extended with the Linux 6.8 kernel to support the Nintendo Switch Online "NSO" controllers.

Firefox 121 Now Available With Wayland Enabled By Default

([Mozilla] 18 December 02:09 PM EST Firefox 121)

Ahead of tomorrow's official announcement, the Mozilla Firefox 121.0 release binaries have hit the mirrors and it's keeping to the most exciting Christmas gift for Linux desktop users: Wayland support enabled by default!

Shotcut 23.12 Released With Wayland Crash Fix, Upgraded AV1 Encode/Decode

([Multimedia] 18 December 01:52 PM EST Shotcut 23.12)

Shotcut 23.12 debuted this weekend as the newest version of this open-source non-linear video editing solution for Linux, Windows, and macOS systems.

Intel 5th Gen Xeon Performance Benchmarks: Impressive Efficiency Gains With "Optimized Power Mode"

([Processors] 18 December 10:00 AM EST 18 Comments)

With the new Intel 5th Gen Xeon "Emerald Rapids" processors there is a new feature called the Optimized Power Mode (OPM). This Optimized Power Mode can be enabled via the system BIOS for Emerald Rapids for helping to reduce the CPU power consumption when not running at full utilization. With Intel claiming that up to 110 Watts of server power savings can be conserved when running at 30~40% utilization, I was curious and set out to run my own Optimized Power Mode benchmarks with the Xeon Platinum 8592+ processors. Here is a deep dive on Intel Optimized Power Mode benchmarks.


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