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Rqlite 7.0 Released For Distributed Relational Database Built Atop SQLite

([Free Software] 1 Minute Ago Rqlite 7.0)

Rqlite 7.0 is now available as a lightweight, distributed relational database. This open-source database system for cluster setups is built atop SQLite while aiming to be easy-to-use and fault-tolerant.

KDE Plasma Mobile 21.07 Released With More Responsive Shell, Fixes

([KDE] 3 Minutes Ago Plasma Mobile 21.07)

The folks working on KDE's mobile efforts have released Plasma Mobile 21.07 as the newest feature release.

Intel Starts Bringing Up Thunder Bay Full + Prime SoC Support For Linux

([Intel] 1 Minute Ago Intel Thunder Bay)

More details are coming to light on "Thunder Bay" as a forthcoming Intel SoC now that the open-source Linux driver enablement patches have begun.

Valve Working On Radeon Dynamic VRS For The Steam Deck To Increase Power Savings

([Mesa] 3 Hours Ago Dynamic VRS)

Yet another open-source Radeon Vulkan "RADV" driver improvement being worked on by Valve's engineers is around better controlling variable rate shading "VRS" behavior with a focus on improving power savings for the Steam Deck.

Intel Celeron G6900 Benchmarks - Performance Of Intel's $40~60 Alder Lake Processor

([Processors] 5 Hours Ago 17 Comments)

At the top-end of Intel's current Alder Lake line-up is the Core i9 12900K while at the opposite end is the Celeron G6900... The Celeron G6900 is a dual-core Alder Lake processor with a suggested customer price of $42~52 USD (though for the limited quantities available, I ended up paying $69). Curiosity got the best of me for seeing how well this lowest-end Alder Lake part performs under Ubuntu Linux.

Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Lands Dynamic Rendering Support

([Intel] 7 Hours Ago VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering)

As part of pushing it across the Vulkan 1.3 milestone, Intel's open-source graphics driver developers have merged their VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering support to mainline.

AMDVLK 2022.Q1.2 Released With Vulkan 1.3 Support

([Radeon] 7 Hours Ago AMDVLK 2022.Q1.2)

AMDVLK as AMD's official open-source Vulkan Linux driver derived from their Radeon Software driver sources but using the LLVM shader compiler back-end is out with a new release. AMD is ready with day-after support for the newly-launched Vulkan 1.3 specification for AMDVLK.

Microsoft's Direct3D 12 Code For Mesa Now Supports OpenGL Tessellation Functionality

([Microsoft] 7 Hours Ago D3D12 Tessellation)

Microsoft's D3D12 Gallium3D code for Mesa 22.0 can now handle tessellations to expose GL_ARB_tessellation_shader in exposing OpenGL over Direct3D 12.

Rqlite 7.0 Released For Distributed Relational Database Built Atop SQLite

([Free Software] 12 Hours Ago Rqlite 7.0)

Rqlite 7.0 is now available as a lightweight, distributed relational database. This open-source database system for cluster setups is built atop SQLite while aiming to be easy-to-use and fault-tolerant.

Firefox Nightly Begins Activating Wayland For Capable Systems

([Mozilla] 25 January 04:27 PM EST Firefox Nightly With Wayland)

In recent days Mozilla has begun activating Wayland support by default on Firefox Nightly for configurations capable of running Wayland.

Oracle Releases GraalVM 22.0 With New Features

([Oracle] 25 January 03:26 PM EST GraalVM 22.0)

GraalVM 22.0 has been released for this Java VM/JDK that also supports other programming languages and run-times / execution modes. GraalVM continues to be performant and showing promising results not just for Java with JIT'ing but also ahead-of-time Java compilation to Native Image as well as for its Python implementation, WebAssembly run-time, and other targets.

Initial Bits Land In Mesa 22.0 For Intel Raptor Lake

([Intel] 25 January 02:48 PM EST Raptor Lake S)

In addition to Mesa 22.0 landing Vulkan 1.3 support today with the Radeon RADV and Intel ANV Vulkan drivers, Mesa today also received initial support for next-gen Raptor Lake S processors.

Open-Source Intel & Radeon GPU Drivers Ready With Day-One Support For Vulkan 1.3

([Vulkan] 25 January 09:00 AM EST Vulkan 1.3)

For the just-announced Vulkan 1.3, the open-source Intel "ANV" and Radeon "RADV" Vulkan drivers within Mesa are prepared to land support for this updated specification.

Vulkan 1.3 Released With Dynamic Rendering In Core, New Roadmap Guidance For Modern GPUs

([Display Drivers] 25 January 09:00 AM EST 20 Comments)

It's crazy to think that in a few days it will already be six years since the debut of Vulkan 1.0, but here we are. The Khronos Group is continuing on their two year major update regiment for Vulkan and today debuting Vulkan 1.3 with more extensions moved to core as well as introducing a new "profiles" concept.

NVIDIA Reportedly Close To Admitting Defeat In Arm Acquisition

([NVIDIA] 25 January 06:14 AM EST NVIDIA + Arm No More?)

According to a report this morning from Bloomberg, NVIDIA is communicating to their partners that they face the real possibility their deal to acquire Arm will not come to pass.

GNOME 42 Lands DRM Privacy Screen Support

([GNOME] 25 January 05:33 AM EST Privacy Screen)

Now that Linux 5.17 has prepared DRM privacy screen support, the GNOME 42 is ready with its user-space side support for making use of this new standardized interface.

NXP Continues Work On Linux Driver Bring-Up Of "Amphion" Video Encoder/Decoder

([Multimedia] 25 January 05:11 AM EST NXP Amphion)

NXP engineers continue persevering for bringing up a mainline-suitable, open-source kernel driver for their Amphion video encoder/decoder hardware. Out today is their 15th revision to the Amphion driver patches.

Valve Rolling Out Dynamic Cloud Sync For Moving Between The Steam Deck & PC

([Valve] 25 January 04:32 AM EST Dynamic Cloud Sync)

Ahead of the Linux-based Steam Deck hopefully shipping around the end of February, Valve announced a new Steamworks feature called Dynamic Cloud Sync.

Framework Laptop Now Enjoys Open-Source EC Firmware

([Free Software] 25 January 12:00 AM EST Framework Laptop)

While just one part of the overall equation for a system with open-source firmware, the Framework Laptop has joined the ranks of the Linux-focused laptops these days being backed by open-source firmware for its embedded controller (EC).

Git 2.35 Released With "git stash --staged" mode, Other Developer Additions

([Programming] 24 January 06:39 PM EST Git 2.35)

Git 2.35 is out today as the newest update to this widely-used, open-source distributed version control system.

HITMAN 3 Runs Well On Linux With Steam Play - Open-Source Radeon Performance Especially Good

([Linux Gaming] 24 January 02:02 PM EST 52 Comments)

After being an Epic Games exclusive for its first year, HITMAN III launched on Steam last week. While there isn't a native Linux port for HITMAN 3, it does run wonderful under Steam Play with Proton for enjoying this Windows game on Linux complete with Vulkan API rendering. Here are some initial benchmarks of HITMAN 3 on Linux with NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards.


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