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Mesa 23.0-rc4 Released Due To Blocker Bugs

([Mesa] 1 Minute Ago Mesa 23.0-rc4)

While the Mesa 23.0 graphics drivers were aiming for release this week, due to outstanding blocker bugs it has instead resulted in a fourth weekly release candidate.

KDE Plasma Mobile 21.07 Released With More Responsive Shell, Fixes

([KDE] 3 Minutes Ago Plasma Mobile 21.07)

The folks working on KDE's mobile efforts have released Plasma Mobile 21.07 as the newest feature release.

Intel Starts Bringing Up Thunder Bay Full + Prime SoC Support For Linux

([Intel] 1 Minute Ago Intel Thunder Bay)

More details are coming to light on "Thunder Bay" as a forthcoming Intel SoC now that the open-source Linux driver enablement patches have begun.

Asahi Gallium3D Driver Enables Mesa Shader Disk Cache Support

([Apple] 4 Hours Ago Asahi AGX Shader Disk Cache)

A number of patches were merged this week to Mesa 23.1 around the Asahi "AGX" Gallium3D driver that continues progressing on open-source OpenGL support for Apple Silicon M1/M2 graphics.

AMD Makes Progress On Their RDNA3 User-Mode Queues For Linux Driver

([Radeon] 5 Hours Ago AMDGPU User-Mode Queues)

Just prior to Christmas there was a "request for comments" (RFC) patch series sent out working on RDNA3 user-mode queue support for their AMDGPU kernel driver. That work has now advanced post-RFC with an updated patch series having been sent out on Friday.

NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Adds Group Handles Extension To Help VKD3D-Proton DXR

([NVIDIA] 5 Hours Ago NVIDIA 525.47.07)

NVIDIA on Friday released the v525.47.07 Linux driver beta with their latest Vulkan driver enhancements along with the NVIDIA 528.50 driver on the Windows side.

Servo Web Engine Publishes Its 2023 Roadmap

([Mozilla] 5 Hours Ago Servo 2023 Roadmap)

Back in 2020 Mozilla moved Servo to the Linux Foundation for the Rust-written web engine after it laid off the Servo developers. Servo development is now community/volunteer-driven and a road-map was published yesterday outlining some of their hopes for this calendar year.

More Feature Work Begins On KDE Plasma 6.0 As Plasma 5.27 Nears Release

([KDE] 6 Hours Ago Plasma 6.0)

KDE Plasma 5.27 is due for release on Valentine's Day (14 February) as what will also be the last feature release in the Plasma 5 series. With the imminent 5.27 release, more feature work on Plasma 6.0 has been getting underway.

memtest86+ 6.10 Released With UEFI Secure Boot Signing, Headless EFI

([Hardware] 3 February 05:15 PM EST memtest86+ 6.10)

Last October marked the release of memtest86+ 6.0 as the first major update to this bootable, open-source RAM testing software in nearly a decade. The memtest86+ 6.0 release marked a rewrite of the software while out today is the first update to that widely-used RAM testing software.

Proton 7.0-6 Released With More Windows Games Playable On Linux

([Valve] 3 February 01:45 PM EST Proton 7.0-6)

Valve has just published Proton 7.0-6 as the newest version of this Wine-based software that powers Steam Play for running Windows games on Linux. Proton 7.0-6 had been available in testing and release candidate form since the end of last year while now has been promoted to stable.

Intel TPMI Linux Driver Published To Enhance Power Management Handling

([Intel] 3 February 11:30 AM EST Intel TPMI)

Intel engineers this week published new Linux open-source driver code for TPMI, the Topology Aware Register and PM Capsule Interface. Intel TPMI for seemingly future processors will allow for more streamlined power management handling and other enhancements over the way the Intel power management drivers currently function.

CentOS Stream & Clear Linux Achieve Greater Performance On 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Sapphire Rapids, EPYC Genoa

([Operating Systems] 3 February 08:48 AM EST 9 Comments)

As part of other ongoing performance tests of Intel 4th Gen Xeon Scalable "Sapphire Rapids" testing, I was curious to see how the more well-tuned Linux distributions are performing with the flagship Xeon Platinum 8490H processors relative to the common Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release. Here are those benchmark numbers alongside AMD's flagship Genoa server platform with two EPYC 9654 processors.

Proposed Linux Patch Would Allow Disabling CPU Security Mitigations At Build-Time

([Linux Security] 3 February 07:30 AM EST CONFIG_DEFAULT_CPU_MITIGATIONS_OFF)

A proposed Linux kernel patch would provide a new Kconfig build time option of "CONFIG_DEFAULT_CPU_MITIGATIONS_OFF" to build an insecure kernel if wanting to avoid the growing list of CPU security mitigations within the kernel and their associated performance overhead.

Many Small Updates To The Radeon RX 7000 Series / AMD RDNA3 Support Land In Mesa

([Radeon] 3 February 07:00 AM EST Bunch Of Fixes)

For those making use of the new Radeon RX 7900 series "RDNA3" graphics cards on Linux, the open-source Mesa driver code has seen nearly three dozen patches merged yesterday providing a variety of small updates to this support.

Red Hat's Display/HDR Hackfest Scheduled For April

([Red Hat] 3 February 06:39 AM EST High Dynamic Range)

As mentioned a few weeks back, Red Hat has been working to arrange a developer "hackfest" to further work out plans and development around HDR display support on the Linux desktop. They are aiming to bring together graphics driver developers, desktop developers, and other Linux stakeholders -- including possibly the likes of Valve -- to work out planning of high dynamic range monitor support over the next year or two for the Linux desktop. That Red Hat HDR hackfest has now been organized to happen in late April.

OpenMPI 5.0 Ready To Say "Goodbye" To 32-Bit Support

([Hardware] 3 February 06:40 AM EST Eliminating 32-Bit Support)

The OpenMPI message passing interface library is ready to completely abandon 32-bit software support with its forthcoming v5.0 release.

Dbus-Broker 33 Released With Few Changes

([Free Software] 3 February 05:55 AM EST D-Bus Broker)

A half-year has passed already since Dbus-Broker 32 was released for this drop-in replacement to the reference D-Bus implementation that is focused on providing better performance and reliability. Today that's been succeeded by Dbus-Broker 33 as a relatively minor update to this software from the BUS1 project.

Wine 8.1 Released - Now Exposed As "Windows 10" For New Prefixes

([WINE] 2 February 04:43 PM EST Wine 8.1)

Following the release of Wine 8.0 stable from a week and a half ago, Wine 8.1 is out today as the first bi-weekly development snapshot for this open-source software that allows running Windows games and applications on Linux, macOS, and other platforms. These Wine 8.x development snapshots will then culminate with the release of Wine 9.0 next year.

Work Revived On Parallel CPU Bring-Up To Boot Linux Faster On Large Systems/Servers

([Linux Kernel] 2 February 04:15 PM EST Parallel CPU Bring-Up)

Originally posted two years ago were Linux kernel patches for bringing up of CPU cores in parallel to speed-up the Linux boot process. With the growing core counts of servers and even high-end desktops / HEDT platforms, this parallel bring-up can lead to significant time savings at boot. The work, unfortunately, stalled but has now been revised.

systemd 253-rc2 Released With More Changes To This System & Service Manager

([systemd] 2 February 01:17 PM EST systemd 253-rc2)

Following last month's release of systemd 253-rc1 with many new features and changes in tow, out today is a second release candidate and is piling yet more features into this Linux system and service manager.

Experimenting Underway To Support Mesa Vulkan Drivers Written In Rust

([Mesa] 2 February 12:10 PM EST Rust Vulkan Drivers)

While there is Rusticl as the first Rust language code within Mesa as a modern OpenCL implementation in Gallium3D, for possible future driver efforts there is some initial exploratory work being done around coming up with bindings to support writing of Vulkan drivers with Rust.


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