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EPEL 9 Ready To Provide Extra Packages For RHEL 9, CentOS Stream 9

([Red Hat] 5 December 05:21 AM EST Extra Packages For Enterprise Linux)

While RHEL9 is just in beta form right now, due to CentOS Stream 9 now having launched and that effectively serving as the bleeding-edge of the RHEL9 upstream, EPEL 9 has already launched.

Genode OS 21.11 Now Has Working Intel Gen9+ Graphics, Better PinePhone Support

([Operating Systems] 4 December 11:54 AM EST Genode OS 21.11)

Genode OS as the interesting open-source operating system framework is out with its v21.11 release this week and delivers on many hardware improvements and other features.

Intel Making Cluster Scheduling Configurable, Disabled For Alder Lake Hybrid CPUs

([Intel] 4 December 09:14 AM EST Cluster Aware Scheduling)

Added to the in-development Linux 5.16 kernel was cluster-aware scheduling designed to enhance system performance where groups of CPU cores may share caches or similar and thus the scheduler could benefit from knowing that information for making more optimal task placement. But as I pointed out early on with Linux 5.16, this cluster scheduling is hurting the Intel Alder Lake performance on the new kernel. Intel is now working to correct this by making the cluster scheduling configurable and disabling this functionality by default for hybrid CPUs such as Alder Lake.

Intel Linux Graphics Driver Prepares Task & Mesh Shaders, Vulkan Dynamic Rendering

([Intel] 4 December 07:30 AM EST Improvements)

Ahead of Intel ARC graphics cards premiering next year, Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver developers remain very busy preparing for the next-generation graphics capabilities.

AMD AMF SDK 1.4.23 Brings Main 10 HEVC Encode, Auto LTR Encoder Mode

([AMD] 4 December 05:52 AM EST Advanced Media Framework)

AMD on Friday published a new version of their Advanced Media Framework "AMF" software development kit that enhances the multimedia processing capabilities for Radeon hardware.

Open-Source Firmware Conference 2021 Videos Now Available

([Coreboot] 4 December 05:28 AM EST OSFC 2021)

Taking place this week was the annual Open-Source Firmware Conference "OSFC" devoted to open-source firmware from Coreboot to open-source BMC solutions and other low-level booting/initialization efforts.

KDE Starts December With Numerous Fixes, Other Desktop Refinements

([KDE] 4 December 05:10 AM EST KDE December)

This week saw many fixes landing for the KDE desktop components along with some UI tweaking and other alterations.

Mesa's Classic Drivers Have Been Retired - Affecting ATI R100/R200 & More

([Mesa] 3 December 08:33 PM EST Removing Old Code)

The day has finally come that Mesa's classic OpenGL drivers (non-Gallium3D) have been cleared out of the code-base as part of their modernization effort for mainline.

Wine 6.23 Released With More PE Work, Wine 7.0-rc1 Up Next

([WINE] 3 December 04:30 PM EST Wine 6.23)

Wine 6.23 is now available for running Windows applications and games on Linux, macOS, and the BSDs. Up next will be the Wine 7.0 release candidate that also marks the feature freeze for what will be the next annual Wine stable release.

Arch-Based EndeavourOS 21.4 Released With FSTRIM, Btrfs Zstd, PipeWire By Default

([Operating Systems] 3 December 03:45 PM EST EndeavourOS Atlantis)

EndeavourOS as the two year old Linux distribution project built atop Arch Linux is out with a shiny new release. Beyond package updates, the new release has several default changes like now making use of the wonderful PipeWire. Looking to 2022, EndeavourOS is also exploring the possibility of a gaming-optimized build of their OS.

More BattlEye-Protected Games Now Working With Steam Play On Linux

([Linux Gaming] 3 December 02:33 PM EST More Games)

Last month BattlEye-using games began running on Steam Play when using the latest Steam client beta paired with the experimental version of Proton. However, it still does require the intervention of the game studio to request the support be enabled for a particular game. Today in time for any weekend gaming is several more games using the BattlEye anti-cheat software working on Linux.

Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor 20 Released With CPU Pinning, Replacing Unsafe Rust Code

([Virtualization] 3 December 01:58 PM EST Cloud-Hypervisor 20.0)

The Intel-led open-source Cloud-Hypervisor project that provides a VMM focused on cloud workloads and supports interfacing with Linux's KVM and Windows' MSHV is out with a big feature update. Cloud-Hypervisor is also the project that is known for its use of the Rust programming language and built in part off Rust-VMM.

AMD Threadripper 3970X Performance On Linux After Two Years

([Processors] 3 December 09:30 AM EST 38 Comments)

A few days ago it marked two years since the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X / 3970X launched. While we are eager to see next-gen Threadripper, for now is a look at how the open-source Linux performance has evolved for these still-impressive HEDT processors by comparing the Linux performance at launch to where it is today with the very latest upstream Linux software.

Open-Source Qualcomm "Turnip" Driver Achieves Vulkan 1.1 Conformance, Fixes For DXVK Use

([Mesa] 3 December 06:52 AM EST Vulkan 1.1)

TURNIP as the open-source Mesa Vulkan driver for Qualcomm Adreno graphics hit a new official milestone this week.

CentOS Stream 9 Now Available To Live On The Bleeding-Edge Of RHEL9

([Red Hat] 3 December 08:10 AM EST CentOS Stream 9)

While there has been CentOS Stream 8, following last month's RHEL 9 Beta there is now official availability of CentOS Stream 9.

Blender 3.0 Shines As A Huge Update For This Leading Open-Source 3D Modeling Software

([Free Software] 3 December 07:18 AM EST Blender 3.0)

Blender 3.0 is officially releasing today as a huge update to this open-source 3D modeling software that in recent years has become backed by numerous large hardware/software companies and has rivaled proprietary software for its capabilities.

FGKASLR Appears Closer To Mainline For Improving Linux Security

([Linux Security] 3 December 06:30 AM EST Function Granular KASLR)

Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization has been common on Linux for a decade and a half now while more recently has been Function-Granular (or sometimes referred to as Finer-Grained) KASLR for further upping the security benefits by making it much harder to predict kernel address positions for attacks.

A Hang In The Linux Kernel Can Happen If Trying To Read A Broken Floppy Then Ejecting It

([Hardware] 3 December 06:39 AM EST Linux Floppy)

Going into 2022 the Linux kernel's floppy driver continues to see new code improvements and fixes.

Fedora 36 May Support FS-VERITY Integrity/Authenticity Verification For RPMs

([Fedora] 3 December 12:00 AM EST fs-verity + RPMs)

Fedora 36 may support using the Linux kernel's fs-verity code for allowing some interesting integrity and authenticity use-cases around RPM packages.

AMD Readies New Radeon Driver Code For Linux 5.17: STB, Seamless Boot For Van Gogh

([Radeon] 2 December 07:08 PM EST AMDGPU Updates)

Along with Intel this week sending out some of their initial graphics driver changes destined for the Linux 5.17 cycle early next year, AMD today also submitted their first batch of AMDGPU DRM driver changes intended for this next kernel version.


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