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Israeli Court Rules NSO Group Can Continue Exporting Spyware (

(Tuesday July 14, 2020 @01:33PM (msmash) from the how-about-that dept.)

The infamous spyware company NSO Group [1]scored a major win in what critics are calling a "disgraceful ruling" in an Israeli court this week. From a report:

> The court ruled that NSO can keep exporting its hacking and surveillance tools, arguing that the human rights organization Amnesty International, which had sued the company in an attempt to block its exports, failed to prove that an NSO customer used its technology to spy on Amnesty staff. In 2018, as Motherboard reported at the time, Amnesty claimed to have found hackers spying on one of the organization's researchers using NSO spyware. After the incident, the organization sued NSO in Israel in an attempt to block the export of its surveillance technology. A Tel Aviv District Court judge dismissed the suit alleging Amnesty did not present enough evidence, and said Israel's Defence Ministry, which is tasked with overseeing the export of surveillance technologies, has the right safeguards in place to protect human rights.


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by cusco ( 717999 )

Just in case it's not obvious to everyone where Israel gets most of the high technology that they then export . . .

Re: Israel talking about human rights (Score:2)

by Way Smarter Than You ( 6157664 )

As opposed to their Arab neighbors?

Or the worst human rights violators on the planet running the UN Human Rights Council? Do you find -that- rich?

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by cusco ( 717999 )

Ah, so you don't understand how UN commissions run. Not a surprise.

The chairmanship of the commission rotates through all member states with seats on the commission, so if you don't want Country X to ever be chair you have to make sure they never get a seat on the commission. Still, chairmanship is mostly a figurehead position that just allows occasional grandstanding, the real work gets done by the staff in the field and the bureaucrats in the office.

MOSSAD has public courts ? (Score:2)

by Brane2 ( 608748 )

I thought this was just PR department

Amnesty International is a shit stain on humanity (Score:3)

by SirAstral ( 1349985 )

Lets just cut to the chase here. Fuck the politics and bullshit.

Regardless of how you feel about Israel or any other state for that matter that is doing the same fucking thing Russia, USA, UK, China, you name it is doing. Their jobs are to secure their states and that is what they are going to do.

Amnesty International is a different beast altogether. They claim their objectives are for humanity when instead, the result is everyone ignoring the plight of the people running from the shitholes they are being slaughtered in while no one does shit about it execept blaming big nations while simultaneously saying that they should not interfere.

It's no different than saying you cannot leave your yard to help a woman being raped in a different yard but if she makes it into your yard you are now responsible for feeding and clothing them until they leave of their own free will... you don't get to have a choice in the matter or you are a scum human being.

It's all bullshit and it stinks to the rafters! Fuck'em, fuck'em with a giant nail bat!

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by SirAstral ( 1349985 )

There is no end to the fucking shit eating knobs like you around here.

No one said it was okay you dumb fucking shitstain. I am just saying there is a bigger evil going on here, and it is the assclowns acting like they are the "good guys".

There is just much bigger fish to fry than fucking spyware exports! So called "humanitarians" like Amnesty International do not want the problems solved, just like people do not want racism solved, they only want to use the evils of the world to make a platform of power f

YOU are the biggest shit stain on humanity (Score:2)

by fredrated ( 639554 )

Go lick yourself clean.

Re: (Score:2)

by SirAstral ( 1349985 )

lol, I actually laughed at that one....

It's a good insult, mind if I add it to my repertoire? Aww... who cares, taking it anyways!

Appreciate the feed back ma'am or sir!

Israel protecting human rights? (Score:2)

by fredrated ( 639554 )

That's the biggest joke of the year.

The King and his advisor are overlooking the battle field:

King: "How goes the battle plan?"
Advisor: "See those little black specks running to the right?"
K: "Yes."
A: "Those are their guys. And all those little red specks running
to the left are our guys. Then when they collide we wait till
the dust clears."
K: "And?"
A: "If there are more red specks left than black specks, we win."
K: "But what about the ^#!!$% battle plan?"
A: "So far, it seems to be going according to specks."