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AWS Graviton4 96-Core Performance vs. AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon CPUs

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Last week I published some initial [1]benchmarks of the Amazon/AWS Graviton4 processors now available within the EC2 cloud using the new "R8g" instances. That initial comparison was a 64 vCPU comparison of Graviton4 against AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon 64 vCPU AWS instances. In today's article is a look at the 96-core Graviton4 bare metal performance using the "r8g.metal-24xl" AWS instance type. The Graviton4 r8g.metal-24xl performance was then compared in today's article against various bare metal AMD EPYC, Ampere Altra Max, and Intel Xeon processors in the lab at Phoronix.

The r8g.metal-24xl allows for 96 Neoverse-V2 cores as the total core count possible per CPU with Graviton4. The 96 cores with r8g.metal-24xl are backed by 768GB of memory and priced at around $5.65 USD per hour. All testing of Graviton4 and the other CPU comparisons were done on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

To get an idea for the 96-core Graviton4 metal performance, I compared the performance in a number of benchmarks to tests I had done recently in [2]Intel Xeon 6766E/6780E Sierra Forest vs. Ampere Altra Performance & Power Efficiency . Unfortunately though the r8g.metal-24xl didn't expose any power metrics via RAPL/PowerCap, HWMON, or other sysfs interfaces. So as such there are no power efficiency or power consumption numbers to share for this article due to not being exposed in the Graviton4 instance when testing.


The processors in this comparison for evaluating the raw performance included:

- AMD EPYC 9654 "Genoa" 96 Cores

- AMD EPYC 9684X "Genoa-X" 96 Cores

- AMD EPYC 9754 "Bergamo" 128 Cores

- Intel Xeon 6766E "Sierra Forest" 144 Cores

- Intel Xeon 6780E "Sierra Forest" 144 Cores

- Intel Xeon Platinum 8592+ "Emerald Rapids" 64 Cores

- Ampere Altra Max 128 Cores

- Amazon Graviton4 96 Cores

Again all testing on Ubuntu 24.04 with the stock compiler for this comparison. It's too bad no power metrics were exposed under the r8g.metal-24xl but let's move on to looking at how the raw performance Graviton4 with 96 x Neoverse-V2 cores compares to Ampere Altra and the current x86_64 competition from AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon.




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