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Valve Launches "Steam Deck Verified" Program For Games That Run Well On The Steam Deck

([Valve] 4 Hours Ago Steam Deck Verified)

Valve is introducing a Steam Deck Verified system for helping gamers find out what games have been verified to work well on their forthcoming AMD+Linux-powered handheld game console.

Valve says they are reviewing the entire Steam catalog of games and will be categorizing each game for its level of compatibility with the Steam Deck. These ratings in turn will show up within the Steam Store and for users own game libraries.

The categories for the Steam Deck Verified program include "Verified" for games running great out-of-the-box, "Playable" for titles needing some tweaking, "Unsupported" as not functional for the Steam Deck, and "Unknown" for games not yet checked.

Valve is evaluating each game based on the input/controller support, how seamless the experience is, the display support at the default resolution, and the system support with Proton (including anti-cheat support).

Valve's compatibility review process is still ongoing. More details on the new initiative via [1] .










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