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Mesa 22.0 Lands Some Patches Toward OpenCL Image Support

([Mesa] 32 Minutes Ago OpenCL Image)

Mesa 22.0-devel is one step closer to having OpenCL image support that is sought after by many individuals for allowing more OpenCL-enabled desktop software to work nicely with this open-source OpenCL component in Mesa.

For nearly a year there has been the work-in-progress [1]merge request implementing OpenCL 1.2 image support. That work was started by Red Hat's Karol Herbst.

Now David Airlie has picked up some of the reviewed and ready patches from that MR and has [2]merged them into Mesa 22.0-devel as of today.

CL_MEM_OBJECT_IMAGE1D_ARRAY / CL_MEM_OBJECT_IMAGE1D_BUFFER / CL_MEM_OBJECT_IMAGE2D_ARRAY / CL_IMAGE_BUFFER are all now implemented along with other changes to the Clover Gallium3D state tracker and SPIR-V code. The OpenCL image support isn't yet complete but this was just the code that was ready for landing so far.

OpenCL image support is required for Darktable, DaVinci Resolve, and various other applications. It will be great if the OpenCL image support is all ironed out for next quarter's Mesa 22.0 stable release but remains to be seen as the lack of time seems to be the main blocker for the developers in getting these Clover improvements squared away along with the likes of OpenCL 3.0.




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