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Bareflank Hypervisor 3.0 Pre-Release Debuts With Many Changes

([Virtualization] 7 Hours Ago Bareflank 3.0)

The open-source Bareflank Hypervisor project designed to prototype new hypervisors across Intel, AMD, and AArch64 platforms issued their long-awaited 3.0 pre-release on Friday.

Bareflank 3.0 has been a big undertaking more than one year in development. [1]Bareflank 3.0 improvements have included work to support AMD SVM virtualization, initial work on the ARM/AArch64 support, native Windows support not needing Cygwin, migrating their codebase to C++14, and a variety of other enhancements.

While the Bareflank 3.0 pre-release has been tagged, it seems there is more exciting work ahead. The brief 3.0 pre-release notes simply mention, " This release is intended to archive the Bareflank project prior to the release of the new microkernel approach. "

Prior Bareflank 3.0 discussion can be found via [2]this GitHub issue ticket .

The Bareflank 3.0 pre-release can be downloaded from [3]GitHub .





Subject: Linux box finds it hard to wake up in the morning

I've heard of dogs being like their owners, but Linux boxen?
-- Peter Hunter <>