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KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Continues Seeing More Crash Fixes

([KDE] 34 Minutes Ago Plasma 5.23.1)

This week marked the release of [1]Plasma 5.23 in celebrating 25 years of the KDE desktop project while celebrations didn't last long with developers already hard at work on the Plasma 5.23.1 point release, feature work for Plasma 5.24, and also improvements to the KDE Applications and KDE Frameworks.

KDE developer Nate Graham is out this morning with his usual weekly development summary. This week continued seeing a lot of crash fixes and other fixes landing, particularly around the Plasma Wayland experience that has been seeing plenty of work almost weekly. Some of the KDE highlights for this week include:

- The KDE scanner program Skanlite can now scan directly to PDF.

- The KDE Task Manager now has a "Move To Activity" context menu item.

- Spectacle now properly takes screenshots for desktops with 10-bit-per-channel color support.

- A KDE PLasma Wayland session crash fix if using the "Right Alt never chooses 3rd level" keyboard setting.

- KWin no longer random crashes when quitting Firefox. That fix is coming in KDE Plasma 5.23.1.

- The kded5 daemon will no longer randomly crash when running in a multi-screen setup.

- Maximized GNOME applications running on the Plasma Wayland session now properly update their contents in the whole window.

- Faster switching between views in the Application Dashboard.

- Plasma Wayland no longer crashes when repeatedly hovering/un-hovering over the Task Manager thumbnails in certain conditions.

More details on this week's work via [2]Nate's blog .




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