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Genode-Based Sculpt OS 21.10 Adds Intel GPU Acceleration, USB Web Camera Support

([Operating Systems] 3 Hours Ago Sculpt OS 21.10)

On Thursday in addition to the releases of [1]Ubuntu 21.10 (plus its derivatives) and [2]OpenBSD 7.0 , the Genode OS Framework based Sculpt OS saw its 21.10 release.

[3]Sculpt OS continues to serve as a general purpose operating system built off the Genode OS Framework as an original, open-source operating system platform.

A significant addition with Sculpt OS 21.10 is now supporting Intel hardware accelerated graphics on this OS. This Intel GPU support in Sculpt OS is based on the open-source Mesa driver support that Intel invests in for their Linux driver coverage and porting work from the Intel Linux kernel driver. This also makes use of Genode's custom GPU multiplexer code introduced earlier this year.

Another major change especially during these pandemic work-from-home times is initial USB web camera support. [4]Genode OS 21.05 introduced web camera support and now that work is coming to Sculpt OS 21.10, primarily with a focus on VirtualBox and QEMU integration for running Genode/Sculpt OS as a VM.

Sculpt OS 21.10 also makes another step past its rudimentary phase in that its Chromium-based Falkon web browser is beginning to work for playing media content such as videos and sounds within the browser. There still is more progress to be made but the initial milestones are being hit.

Downloads and more details on Sculpt OS 21.10 can be found via [5] .







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