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PinePhone Pro Announced As New Linux Smartphone

([Hardware] 2 Hours Ago PinePhone Pro)

The PinePhone Pro is being announced this morning as the organization's new smartphone building upon the successes and experience of the original PinePhone Linux smartphone.

The PinePhone Pro is a more polished Linux smartphone that is powered by a Rockchip hexa-core 1.5GHz SoC, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 128GB of eMMC flash stoage, 13MP + 5MP cameras, and a display completed with using Corning Gorilla Glass 4.


The company explained in their advanced press release:

We wanted the PinePhone Pro to reflect its status as a pro-grade device while maintaining perfect compatibility with all existing PinePhone peripherals. The PinePhone Pro uses the same pogo-pin systems and back cover attachment as the original PinePhone, making it compatible with all existing add-ons. The keyboard, PineDio LoRa, fingerprint reader and wireless charging cases will all work with the PinePhone Pro. Hardware privacy dip switches for the cameras, the microphone, WiFi & BT, headphone jack (enabling UART) and the LTE modem (including GPS) are accessible under the back cover, just as on the original PinePhone.

The PinePhone Pro will cost $399 USD and pre-orders are beginning now. The initial batch of pre-orders is encouraged for developers.

Learn more about this open, nice Linux smartphone offering at [2] .









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